Spiraling Toward Irrelevancy

Never has a blog title spoken quicker to the absolute truth than "Spiraling Toward Irrelevancy" ...


Alaska: Rich in Oil and Natural Gas. Latex? Apparently, Not So Much

Column production has begun; this week's column is about half done. If I can ever bring it to a satisfactory intellectual conclusion, "The Other Palin Girl" (title is tentaive, about Bristol Palin) could be released here (and at the Dot Com) late Thursday night, rest of world Friday. Having some trouble cramming all the ideas into 650 words, which is (1) what I get for taking two-and-a-half months off to chase tail, and (2) why I say IF, but so far, so good.

Re: TGO Radio. Taping for this Friday is out; the date of the next test taping is in the air.

UPDATED Friday, 05 September @ 4.25am. I have absolutely lost interest in the column mentioned above; will try something else next week.