Spiraling Toward Irrelevancy

Never has a blog title spoken quicker to the absolute truth than "Spiraling Toward Irrelevancy" ...


Friday, 05 May 2006; 6.30pm EST

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Although I will allow myself the occasional slip, I am removing myself from public life.

There won’t be an Internet radio show and the “In Dissent” opinion column will only be an occasional offering (which it’s basically been for a few years anyway). Work on Lincoln’s Tomb will continue, because I honestly believe it’s a book that deserves to be written, but I’m giving up on the illusion it will be completed before the end of this decade. The Lincoln’s Tomb website and blog will both be pulled down either sometime this weekend or early next week, though I will retain ownership of the domain name until it can be used properly.

I’d cry, if I weren’t so fucking relieved.

This has been a remarkable 13 years.

I remain, always, your humblest servant;

Brian S. Wise